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Welcome to
Paw Spa!

Paw Spa is an exciting grooming salon in Meridian, Idaho. We cater to both Dogs and Cats. Our goal is to provide an excellent groom as well as impeccable customer service. Our groomers have many years of experience and will put your pet's comfort and safety first!

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Grooming Services

  • Breed-specific clips
  • Specialty clips
  • Creative grooming and color
  • Nail dremeling
  • Teethbrushing
  • De-shedding treatments
  • ... and much more!

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Meet Our Groomers

Samantha sitting with her dogs.



Samantha is the definition of an animal lover. She has dogs, cats, birds, horses, chickens, and more! When she's not making your dog look amazing, she's usually discovering a trail on horseback with her Doberman Ramsey in tow.

Ellie sitting with her husband and their dogs.



Ellie is an amazing artist, one of her favorite hobbies is painting animal portraits. This passion and artistry make her a premiere groomer in the Treasure Valley. She also enjoys spending time at all of the Boise parks and on the greenbelt.

Our Work

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What our clients say

Awesome talent, fun place, positive attitude from this group of professional groomers.

Pepper Shrewsbury Roberson Eagle, Idaho

I drive all the way from E Boise to have Ellie groom my old man! She is awesome!

Shannon White Boise, Idaho

So awesome, creative and skilled. My dog is now a celebrity!

Jerry Mooney Boise, Idaho

Sam has been grooming my dog since she was a puppy. I always know Sam will treat her well and make her look great... I won't take her anywhere else!

Vikki Price Boise, Idaho

They do the most amazing things with color! My dogs have never looked cuter and I love that they are so creative, meticulous and careful with my beloved pets. :)

Marlo Pruett MacKay Nampa, Idaho

Sam always does such a wonderful job on our boys! I never have to worry when I drop them off. They are well treated and always look great when we pick them up.

Jody Beam Meridian, Idaho

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Common Grooming Questions

It's recommended that you get your young puppy or kitten groomed as soon as possible. This helps them to quickly get used to the grooming process and you may start as early as 8 weeks! Here at Paw Spa we take our time to make sure your little one's first groom is as stress-free as possible to prepare them for a lifetime of grooming.

The entire grooming process may take anywhere from one to several hours depending on the size of your dog, the coat condition, and the reqested style. Drying takes up a good portion of this time, this is especially true with cats.

This can only be answered on a case by case basis. On very matted dogs or cats it is most humane and far less painful to shave under the mats. At Paw Spa, I put the animals' needs and comfort levels over that of the hairstyle. In some cases, it may be possible to brush the coat out, but it is all dependent on the severity of the mats and the animal's tolerance. It should also be noted that brushing mats out is a very time consuming process.

Here at Paw-Spa we offer a unique teeth-brushing package that included an enzymatic gel that "eats" away at the plaque as well as a mouth rinse that leaves your pet's breath smelling minty fresh! We can also do an evaluation of your pets teeth and recommend a trip to the vet for dental work if necessary.

A dog should never act terrified before or after coming home from the groomer. However, it is quite common for pets to be nervous about visiting their grooming salon. It can be compared to children being dropped off at school or daycare. They are not excited about having to leave their parents, but once there they usually settle down quickly. This is true of our four legged friends as well!

This can be caused from a number of things. It could be they have an allergy to the food they are eating or need a higher quality ingredient food. It can also be dry skin and they are in need of a conditioner. Here at Paw Spa we offer Aloe and Oatmeal Shampoos as well as Deep Skin and Coat Remoisturizers.

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